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Ichic Minis OS Android Compatible ICHICC Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Sync Crystal Clear Calls HI-Fi Stereo - White

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It might just be the coolest looking wireless earbuds on the market, the iChic Minis White Wireless Earbuds. Because they're a mixture of airpods and airpod pros, they're different from any airpod! These are exactly what everyone needs in their earbud collection for their smart phones or for when they can't lose their more expensive ones. With the short stem like the airpods pro, but the earpiece like the airpods, they are designed to fit comfortably into your ear. These have Bluetooth 5.0 which is smart wireless Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about losing your connection. Which also means they have GPS Positioning so if you ever misplace them you can find them from your phone. Let's not forget about the NEW animation pop-up that connects to iOS. Look these are awesome little earbuds that are the best of both worlds that Apple has to offer. Therefore, go ahead and purchase today so you don't regret it later! Compatible with Android and iPhone.

  • Talk time is about 2-3 hours (a pair of earphones use together), music time about 2-3 hours (a pair of earphones use together), Charging box can charge for the earbuds about 3-5 times  
  • Support GPS and Rename, Support pop up window, Support Voice assistant,Support ios and Android    
  • Rename+GPS    
  • Charging Pop up    
  • Left+Right+Case Real Battery show      
  • Separate use Left earphone and Right earphone    
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Hi-Fi Stereo
  • White